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What’s Wrong with (non)OPDX Lie?

In this post, Anonymous Truth PDX lists concerns with OPDXLive.org (aka, “(non)OPDX Lie”) as a portal for streaming and coverage within Occupy. Although it may seem like a helpful idea, this site is concerning, at best, for the following reasons:

  • It is run by the group of people who recently used infiltration-type tactics at Occupy Portland Livestream
  • At least one of the members also used divisive and infiltrative-type tactics in other groups
  • The OPDXLive.org portal is being maintained and run by a private individual on a private server, concerning because:
    • It is not administered or overseen by Occupy in any meaningful way
    • The owner, “BigJon,” has represented himself as a former NSA contractor
    • If BigJon should become unable or choose not to provide the service, it will disappear
    • Private portals are a tactic of infiltrators to capture and monitor viewers’/users’ IP addresses and behaviors
    • Other malicious software could be covertly added to users’ computers
  • In spite of having all the mis-appropriated equipment from Occupy Portland Livesrteam, since starting the new Livestream channel & portal, the OPDXLive contingent have not been very active; they often re-stream other channels/streamers (including the original Occupy Portland Livestream)
  • OPDXLive mods, who were beligerent in the previous Occupy Portland Livestream chat room, continue to be discouraging and beligerent to non-mods in the new OPDXLive Livestream chat room; they are typically the only participants on their channel (A recent quote: “The only people talking in here are moderators.”)
  • OPDXLive gives extreme preference to its own supporters, and not to unsympathetic channels (eg – the Occupy Portland Livestream)

Bottom line: it would be very easy for this group to encourage OPDX supporters to support their portal, then decide what type of information and coverage they receive (or don’t receive). It is not a fair, representative, or inclusive group, with major security concerns in its implementation. At worst, it is a system for Occupy infiltrators to track or install malicious software on computers of Occupy supporters.

Anonymous Truth PDX highly recommends caution before navigating to OPDXLive.org.

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The history of OPDXLive.org, or “(non)OPDX Lie”

OPDXLive.org is a portal site started by a group of former Occupy Portland Livestream members who have consistently used tactics which have been demonstrated in many other Occupy groups and Livestreams as an attempt to cripple its efforts and effectiveness. Persons behind these types of actions are often known as “infiltrators,” “instigators,” “blac block,” “Red Squad,” “agent provocateurs,” and many other names for persons who are typically recruited or paid by local/national police, cities, and private organizations.

These tactics include:

  • Denouncing other, productive members through false accusations of sexism, marginalization, claims of marginalization, and other unsubstantial claims in attempts to exclude or reduce positive contributions and activities
  • Claiming productive member targets create an “unsafe” environment; again, when no real evidence or problem exists
  • Intentionally misunderstanding or misrepresenting explanations or situations to portray productive member targets as having said or done something they never did
  • Coercing and convincing other productive members of Occupy to believe their false representations (people often believe them without checking facts because of their emotional attacks/blackmail)
  • Refusing to allow the accused targets to defend themselves (by talking over them, re-asserting claims without presenting facts, using emotional attacks such as hysterical or sarcastic tones of voice, etc.)
  • Scheduling meetings with the intent of preventing targeted participants from attending (then later misrepresenting by saying said target “refused” to attend)
  • Creating “processes” with which to marginalize or exclude productive members; for example, refusing to allow access to administrative information or meetings to current or prospective members whom they don’t feel would be sympathetic to their diversionary tactics
  • Filling group meetings with otherwise-inactive people whose sole Occupy participation is supporting diversionary activities
  • When diversionary tactics are questioned, the questioner becomes targeted by these tactics (for example: accusing the questioner or supporter of “attacking” the person using diversionary tactics)

More information about infiltration/instigation tactics that have been used against the Occupy movements can be seen in this video and this article about a security ‘expert’ hired by the FBI. They typically infiltrate and cause problems within fundraising and media (Livestream, social media) groups.

Recently, the group of infiltrators/instigators within Occupy Portland Livestream (along with other members they coerced) forced one productive member out of the group (Sam Gibson, aka Cygnus6), then met with the intent to persuade the remainder of the group to vote out its founder and most contributing member, RisePDX. They initially refused discussion, refused to go through their own process (which they helped create) or to even explain the details of why they wanted to call this vote.

The primary intent of the instigators was to force RisePDX to provide them with the administrative password for Livestream, which would allow them complete control of the channel, including its deletion. (At Portland and other Occupy groups, when the administrative password has been shared, the Livestream channel has been hijacked.) Their vote failed, and the instigators and their followers elected to leave Occupy Portland Livestream as a result. This is all documented and was facilitated by a non-Livestream Occupy facilitator (who strongly cautioned against their actions).

When their vote failed, they left Occupy Portland Livestream, took the equipment belonging to the Occupy Portland Livestream (including cameras, stands, laptops and external battery systems), started a new Livestream channel, and have since made many false claims against RisePDX and Sam Gibson. They at first claimed their vote to remove RisePDX had been successful; later that he forced them to leave the group by refusing to follow their processes (when the opposite was true).

Other false claims they have made include:

  • RisePDX and Sam Gibson prevented other team members from doing their jobs or actively participating in Livestream
  • That RisePDX “undermined” Livestream by refusing to leave when several members said they would quit unless he left
  • RisePDX never requested conflict resolution or mediation
  • Conflict resolution or mediation was offered, but refused by RisePDX (this is partly true: the instigators insisted they would only attend mediation if RisePDX agreed to give them the Livestream administrative password)
  • RisePDX “jumped all over” or otherwise intimidated or was unfriendly to the instigators, either in person or (usually) in chat interactions, causing them not to participate in chat or other activities (NOTE: none of the people who made this claim have made an increased effort in the either their new Livestream chat or other activities and contributions; additionally, many who made this assertion continue to constantly linger/lurk in the Occupy Portland Livestream / Ptown channel)
  • RisePDX and Sam Gibson’s actions caused these instigators to feel “unsafe” to participate or be near him/them (NOTE: most of these people did not interact with RisePDX; none of them have filed complaints with police, Occupy, or other authorities)
  • Claiming “all but one member” (eg – RisePDX) left Portland Livestream and went to OPDXLive.org and/or their new Livestream channel (NOTE: this is not true; many people have stayed in support of RisePDX or remained “neutral” to either channel)

Anonymous Truth strongly encourages you to consider these circumstances when interacting with OPDXLive.org, including choosing whether or not to visit their site. More about this in the post, What’s Wrong with (non)OPDX Lie?

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