Are infiltrators nice people or helpful people?

Long-time activists associated with Occupy Washington DC, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, addressed Occupy Portland on February 17, 2012 about the topic of infiltration. They provided helpful information, including how to combat infiltrators in Occupy efforts.

Here is one excellent takeaway from their presentation, as covered by Occupy Portland Livestream (at :43):

MF: There’s a question about whether the infiltrators are nice people or helpful people. There’s kind of a classic practise of if you really want to infiltrate a group and get information, then you become a very helpful person.

KZ: You make yourself indispensible. You make yourself the best friend of the people who are trying to get things done. You become the right hand person… as we mentioned, Peter Camejo’s Socialist Presidential campaign, his campaign co-chair was an FBI agent.

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